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PhD theses
Master theses
  • Isospin composition of the high-momentum fluctuations in nuclei from asymptotic momentum distributions
    Jan Ryckebusch, Wim Cosyn, Tom Vieijra, Corneel Casert
  • Loan maturity aggregation in interbank lending networks obscures mesoscale structure and economic functions
    Marnix Van Soom, Milan van den Heuvel, Jan Ryckebusch, Koen Schoors
    • e-Print: [Journal reference: Scientific Reports (Nature research) 2019, in print]
  • Restricted Boltzmann Machines for Quantum States with Nonabelian or Anyonic Symmetries
    Tom Vieijra, Corneel Casert, Jannes Nys, Wesley De Neve, Jutho Haegeman, Jan Ryckebusch, Frank Verstraete
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Ph.D. Theses
Academic Year 2019 - 2020
  • Milan van den Heuvel
    Addressing socioeconomic challenges with revealed micro-data
    Supervisor: Prof. J. Ryckebusch , Prof. Koen Schoors
    Public PhD defense on Tuesday 31st December 2019
Academic Year 2017 - 2018
  • Jannes Nys
    Analyticity constraints for hadronic amplitudes
    Supervisor: Prof. J. Ryckebusch
    Public PhD defense on Thursday 31st May 2018
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Master Theses
Academic Year 2019 - 2020
  • Ewoud Ketele
    Coalition forming and spin glasses
    Supervisor: Prof. J. Ryckebusch , Prof. Serge Galam
  • Hylke Damien
    Neutral current single pion production at high energies
    Supervisors: A. Nikolakopoulos , Prof. N. Jachowicz
  • Jef Moerman
    Generative Mechanisms for Discrete Scale Invariance
    Supervisors: C. Casert , Prof. J. Ryckebusch
  • Stijn Van Geyte
    Kwantumverstrooiing aan kernen als portaal naar de partonische structuur van hadronen
    Supervisors: Prof. W. Cosyn , Prof. J. Ryckebusch
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