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PhD theses
Master theses
  • Discrete hierarchy of sizes and performances in the exchange-traded fund universe
    Benjamin Vandermarliere, Jan Ryckebusch, Koen Schoors, Peter Cauwels, Didier Sornette
  • Finite-Energy Sum Rules in Eta Photoproduction off the Nucleon
    J. Nys, V. Mathieu, C. Fernández-Ramírez, A. N. Hiller Blin, A. Jackura, M. Mikhasenko, A. Pilloni, A. P. Szczepaniak, G. Fox, J. Ryckebusch
  • Correlations in neutrino-nucleus scattering
    Tom Van Cuyck, Vishvas Pandey, Natalie Jachowicz, Raul González-Jiménez, Marco Martini, Jan Ryckebusch, Nils Van Dessel
    • e-Print:
    • e-Print: Proceedings of the XVII International Workshop on Neutrino Factories and Future Neutrino Facilities (NuFact15), Rio de Janeiro, 2015, edited by H. da Motta and J. Morfin, eConf C1508102 (2016).
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Ph.D. Theses
Academic Year 2016 - 2017
  • Benjamin Vandermarliere
    A temporal network perspective of collective behavior in economic systems
    Supervisor: Prof. J. Ryckebusch , Prof. Koen Schoors
  • Tom Van Cuyck
    Short-range correlations and meson-exchange currents in neutrino-nucleus scattering
    Supervisor: Prof. N. Jachowicz
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Master Theses
Academic Year 2016 - 2017
  • Alexis Nikolakopoulos
    Energy reconstruction in accelerator based neutrino nucleus scattering
    Supervisors: N. Van Dessel , Prof. N. Jachowicz
    • PDF thesis in pdf format
  • Corneel Casert
    Emergent collective motion from local interactions
    Supervisors: A. Belaza , Prof. J. Ryckebusch
    • PDF thesis in pdf format
  • Marnix Van Soom
    Multiscale analysis of the Russian interbank loan network
    Supervisor: Prof. J. Ryckebusch , Milan van den Heuvel, Prof. K. Schoors
    • PDF thesis in pdf format
  • Martinus Govers
    The resolution dependence of strangeness production on the proton
    Supervisors: J. Nys , Prof. J. Ryckebusch
    • PDF thesis in pdf format
  • Olivier Heyndrickx
    Stylized facts of economic metrics: modeling real and virtual worlds
    Supervisors: A. Belaza , Prof. J. Ryckebusch
    • PDF thesis in pdf format
  • Tamas Gommers
    Nucleaire Wigner distributies: een maatstok voor kwantumeffecten in de coördinaten- en impulsruimte
    Supervisors: S. Stevens , Dr. W. Cosyn , Prof. J. Ryckebusch
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